Modular Synthesizers made in València

NANO Modules is a young company dedicated to the development and production of electronic musical instruments, focused mainly in the
design of modular synthesizers.

Everything is designed, produced and assembled in València, Spain.

Unique Quality

Design matters. And because of that, our main goal is to create pragmatic and well-designed modules where space is optimized to the full.

Through them we wish to represent our brand’s essence and create a meaningful system, but they are also conceived as an individual unit with its own distinctive personality and concept behind.

Limitless Inspiration

Since we develop products for people who love sound, music and design, we have fun exploring different fields without any restrictions. It is very important for us to contribute to the music community in an altruistic way, providing creative content that inspires people.

Young & Professional

Hi! We are Jorge and Claudia.

Jorge holds a degree in Industrial Electronics and Automation Engineering and Claudia is graduated in Industrial Design Engineering and Product Development, both from Universitat Politècnica de València.

As a highly-sensitive being, Claudia is meticulously thoughtful about every detail and seeks meaning in everything she does.

Jorge was born with a scientific nature and therefore enjoys verifying things, optimizing resources and developing methods.

Together they have built a powerful match with a multidisciplinary nature. Claudia explores the limits of imagination and Jorge gives a practical meaning to her disgressions.


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