NANO Blank Panels

Blank Panels help to keep your Rack clean and well organised.

These panels not only fill in empty spaces in your rack, but also
protect the power distribution boards by keeping things from falling
into your rack. You can also use them to gain more space between modules
or to separate module groups visually.

12HP Blank detail
8HP Blank detail

Inspired by Lissajous Curves & Oscilloscope aesthetics

Lissajous Curves are the shapes created when the x-coordinate of a curve
is described by one sine wave, and the y-coordinate is described by
another sine wave.

The first of the Lissajous Curves
The second of the Lissajous Curves

By adjusting the frequency (a,b) of each wave and other parameters,
interesting patterns emerge. Using oscilloscopes and two signal
generators it is possible to create them.

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